How To Install Wall Mount Basketball System? Tips And Features

Wall Mount Goalsetter Basketball Goal Installation Review
Every project is a great inspiration for experience improvement and professional growth.  We value every basketball goal project because we love this game and know the importance of each setup detail. The main purpose of this post is to share construction features of wall mount installation with people who have same interests and installation objectives.

Wall mount basketball installation always gives a room for construction solutions and mounting opportunities.

The mission is to install GoalSetter Wall Mount Series Adjustable and Fixed Height Goal Systems GS60 (glass) on a regular garage wall. Wall consists of next basic layers: drywall, stud wall, insulation, and  wooden cladding. This classical construction is good and sturdy enough for picture hanging or blinds installation but not for the hard pressure of basketball goal.
For the first, we need to apply basketball frame to the wall according to instruction also considering wall construction features. We were very lucky this time because a distance between mounting holes rows of the frame was absolutely the same as a distance between wall studs. It makes much easier to attach the frame to the wall when studs and mounting surface fit your wall frame like it was in our situation. Bottom of the frame should be absolutely horizontal, 88” up from playing surface. This is needed to achieve full range of goal height adjustability.
On a side note: manufacturer does NOT provide any hardware to attach the frame to the wall. It is reasonable. In our experience, it is very difficult to find two equal mounting points on the wall. We face with a great variety of materials, its condition, studs location, wires and pipes location and etc.

wall mount basketball installation mounting points
Mounting points should be sturdy to hold all vibrations and pressure that occur during the game. Wall thickness was approximately 10 inches so it was difficult to find appropriate screw bolt to use. Generally, wall construction was not good enough to withstand the pressure of the goal. Screw-thread is the best way to deal with such thick and flimsy walls for the maximum sturdiness of the basketball unit. This step is the most important in the entire installation process. Walls can contain electrical wires and other unseen hazards and obstacles. It is our responsibility to locate and avoid these hazards during installation.
Further steps will not be successful in the case if the frame is attached with mistakes or without the level.  The only professional contractor could determine a safe wall anchoring system to match the wall construction. The mounting method described above is fully reliable but only with this particular type of the wall and studs distance.

wall mount system installation screw attachment basketball frame

Through holes often mean draft and moisture from outside. The solution of this problem is in isolation to save temperature inside and stop air movement. The silicon was used for this reason. It fills all space in a hole between the screw and inner hole surface. Silicon is a black substance on the photo.

Next steps are quite obvious and well described in the instruction. The main message is to double check the right side of any detail, aligning holes before tightening and snug tighten only.
There are few parts besides upper and lower extension arms which are installed straight after frame.

upper extension arm basketball goal installation lower extension arm goalsetter basketball installation

Lower and upper jack mounting brackets are installed with extension arm bolt, flat washers and locknuts. Together with the jack (extension arm) these brackets leverage all construction and help to adjust height.

goalsetter upper lower mounting bracket goalsetter stabilzer bar installation

Next installation step is backboard attachment. Installers should be careful with glass backboards. Despite glass is tempered it is still fragile and ready to be broken with the single touch of any metal part.  Attachment is pretty easy but requires two or three people in good physical condition and capable of lifting weights. We use scaffolding for safety reasons and for time economy in the installation process.

goalsetter wall backboard attachment

The last step is rim (aka hoop) attachment with four backboard bolts and hoop’s height adjustments. On a side note: double check factory installed bushing should be on the place. Its absence could cause backboard breach.  If the bushings are not in place, glass backboards can shatter and acrylic backboards can crack. Start with top two holes and do not attach rim very tight at this time. You should do it after placing last two backboard bolts on their places - lower mounting holes. Now it is time to check the level of the rim and height adjustment. If previous steps (including frame attachment) are correct, there would not be any issues with the level. It would be perfectly horizontal.

wall mount goalsetter rim installation wall mount basketball rim height

Normally the height of the rim is 10 feet (120 inches) but you may make it lower down to 6 feet. It is up to you.
After all height adjustments have been completed, make sure all hardware is properly tightened, including stabilizer bar locking nut.

The result is amazing: the wall that was flimsy at beginning withstands the weight of basketball unit (260 lbs) and a player. So dunks are permitted.

wall attached basketball goalsetter goalsetter any Assembly installation

Failure to follow instructions may result in death, serious injury and/or property damage and will void the warranty. Please be aware of wall hanging location and other installation details are the responsibility of the customer and/or installer.

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